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In the production process of each product, the first and most important part is the product design part, especially diagnostic laboratory equipment. Does.

Washing systems design

Design of ELISA photometric systems

Design of special specifications (OEM) systems for research centers and companies


Laboratory equipment, especially medical diagnostic equipment that is directly related to human and animal health, has very high sensitivities and standards that must be produced in such a way that equipment errors are minimized. Vira Teb Company, using the best raw materials (raw materials) and using machines as well as instrumentation equipment as well as production under the supervision of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment and Health Reference Laboratory, tries to ensure the high quality of Iranian production equipment. Match the quality of imported equipment, because this measure, on the one hand, reassures consumers for after-sales service and support, and on the other hand, leads to the country’s economic growth..

Repairs and calibration

Calibration of laboratory equipment is an indispensable, necessary and essential practice in that the diagnostic laboratory equipment must be calibrated every 6 months until finally 1 year. For this purpose, Vira Teb Company calibrates ELISA equipment professionally using calibrated instruments under the supervision of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment and the Health Reference Laboratory. Also, in order to satisfy and eliminate the need for foreign forces, the company also performs specialized repairs of ELISA systems.